First of all I would like to give a big shout out to the folks who wrote libnotify. Libnotify standarized gnome notification solution, and they did a good job of it. The popup widget allows you to add buttons, images, and they look very good.

notify-send is a command line utility that makes uses libnotify to send notifications the the user.

for example:

notify-send hi

shows this:


As soon as i discouvered this I started using it to notify me when my build is finished. So:


make && notify-send DONE!

Then I got fancier and I added this to my .bashrc:

alias saydone='notify-send "Done! `if [ \$? = 0 ]; then echo \:\); else echo \:\(; fi`"'

no explanation nessesary of course.

so now I do;

../frysk/ ; saydone

If the autogen returns a 0 i get a smily face, otherwise I get a frowny.


Now for the bash guros out there. How do i make it print the previously run command so that the notification says “../frysk/ finished :)”

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20 Responses to “notify-send”

  1. uzytkownik Says:

    % cat
    ($@) && notify-send “Done” “$@”

  2. sami Says:

    That works :)

  3. Michal Says:

    sami, your idea with the smiles made my socks drop! that was SO FUN ! thanks for the post

  4. sami Says:

    Thanks Michal… although i shouldnt take credit… i stole it from a friend of mine who had it on his bash prompt :).

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  6. thebohemian Says:

    Here is a bash function which you can put into .bashrc and prepend to all commands which you would like to be notified.

    Erroneous state is highlighted in multiple ways:
    – ‘critical’ message urgency (paints in red here)
    – unhappy smiley
    – failed written in italics

    sd ()

    if [ $? = 0 ]
    notify-send “:-) done: $@”
    notify-send –urgency=critical “:’( failed: $@”

    Happy hacking!

  7. thebohemian Says:

    Markup was eaten by blog….

    Surround failed with and .

  8. sami Says:

    wordress ate up the markup again :)

    whats is strange is the italics mark up does not work for me from command line either

    Nice patch… but i kind of like the smily after the done/failed.

  9. U-P-S Says:

    alias saydone=’notify-send “Done! `if [ \$? = 0 ]; then echo \:\); else echo \:\(; fi`”‘

    alias quiet-upgrade= apt-get update > update.txt && apt-get upgrade -y > upgrade.txt ; saydone

    then only

    sudo quiet-upgrade

    (or maybe not?) ;)
    all you have are logs and notify.

  10. U-P-S Says:

    i am quite wrong so i had to rewrite whole script. looks like .sh file + bash + aliases = boom so my script looks like this:

    apt-get update > apt-update-\`date\`-.txt && apt-get upgrade > apt-upgrade-\`date\`.txt ; notify-send “Done! `if [ \$? = 0 ]; then echo \:\); else echo \:\(; fi`”

    run with

    sudo bash

    NOTE: it will not print any date in name of file, but however, without \s in front of ` script epic fails, you can try

  11. sami Says:

    Neat :)

  12. Andrew Conkling Says:

    Thanks for your post; clever idea! For what it’s worth, on Debian/Ubuntu notify-send is part of the libnotify-bin package. :)

  13. Joe Says:

    took your saydone script and modified to show alerts in the tray (using zenity, instead of notify-send):

    ($@) ; zenity –notification –text “Done! `if [ \$? = 0 ]; then echo \:\); else echo \:\(; fi` $1″

  14. Solnce Says:

    such a real story..

  15. Execute-Notify Says:

    [...] a useful command-line interface to libnotify that lets alerts pop up on the desktop. As is the case for many others, I like the idea of using this tool to notify me that my long-running jobs are finished, so I can [...]

  16. Jacob Lunde Says:

    I also was using this to pass along info to users of updates or uploads to there work stations, I find if you use -t 0 in the mix it requires them to press the x to kill the message. I thought -u critical would do this, but it didnt seem to work, might be that cairo-dock is taking some time to theme it. Hope this helps any one else out there.

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