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Hi, my name is Sami and I am a Red Hatter.

I first joined Red Hat as an intern in May 2005. Back then the Frysk project was just starting up. It wasn’t even called Frysk in fact. I worked on various parts of Frysk until the end of my internship in August 2006. I then returned to one semester of school, and joined Red Hat to work full time on Frysk in January 2007.

Ever since my return from the dead I have been meaning to start a blog to talk shop about Frysk and other Open Source matters. Phil Muldoon hocked me up with a blog, and I am finally making a blog post.

Since January I have worked on the Frysk Monitor. The mission statement of the monitor -at least as I see it :)- is to provide a high level modeling (or abstraction) of running programs. This bird’s eye view is meant to enable the user to monitor, and catch problems in large scale multi-threaded programs. The Frysk Monitor is also to enable the user to dig in deeper and zoom in on the source of the problem where possible.

Here is a screen shot of Frysk monitoring nautilus on my system:


When I first run Frysk on nautilus, it is one process with one thread. I then go to my desktop and double click on a folder, the folder opens up and the monitor screen in Frysk is updated.

As you can see from the above screen shot the main thread spawned a second thread which probably handled the opening of the folder then died as you can see by the terminating event. Ticks which have the gray lines next to them represent events during which a stack trace was captured. You can click on that event to see view the stack trace.

The above process has four observers watching it. Two terminating observers, and two clone observers. One terminating observer captures a stack trace and one doesn’t. Same for the clone observer. I realize this is confusing for the user, so I have to come up with a way of consolidating this info:).

This was just a brief preview. More detailed blogs are to come:). Meanwhile, if you are interested in learning more about the project, providing input and suggestions, and contributing😀, we hang out in #frysk on

3 thoughts on “Me Blogs

  1. The following observers are added by default and captured stack backtraces by default:
    Clone Observer
    Fork Observer
    Terminating Observer
    Exec Observer
    Its all user-editable of course

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