I have just returned from what was my first GUADEC.

It was a great conference, great city, great people, great parties…. basically a great experience all around. I gave two presentations one on Frysk and one on Systemtap. Both went well.

The talks were pretty cool.. I wanted to go to everyone of them. They were recorded so hopefully we’ll see some links pretty soon.

Istanbul is a beautiful city. I hope to go back sometime. We were staying in Sultanahmet a great area to stay in; you will find everything from expensive hotels to cheap, clean student hostels. There is no lack of restaurants, coffee shops, historical sites, or beautiful mosques to visit… oh and rooftop patios with surreal views.

GUADEC parties were good, but the boat party was by far the best. Something about being in boat in the middle of the Bosporus brings out the party animal inside of you.

The local volunteers at GUADEC and the Turkish people in general are very welcoming. You cannot look at a map twice without someone offering to help. It was also nice to see people from difference cultures having with

Overall I thought it was a great conference. Things went smoothly, and it was very productive. Thanks to the organizers who made it seem easy.

The image above is a view of the Bosporus from the terrace of the hotel.

2 thoughts on “GUADEC

  1. Beautiful panorama! I’m still very behind on my Planet Fedora feeds, so I just came around to your post. Might I inquire as to the tools used to make it – i.e., camera, software, etc. I also do the same using my Canon Powershot and hugin.

  2. Thanks… I think I just lucky.

    I used a Powershot SD 1000 and hugin. I think the reason it worked so well is because the scenery is distant but there is still enough detail to stitch the pictures

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